I want to Cowork

Posted by Chris Fullelove on 07 October 2011

One of the things I’ve seen, and would really like to do at some point during my career is Cowork. Coworking is where people can come to work in a shared office or workspace as an alternative to working in a corporate office or from home. It has a few advantages such as freedom, progressional networking, inspiration, and for the who would otherwise be working form home - company.

I’ve been really interested in coworking for a while now but, sadly, I have yet to get myself into the position where I can do it. Currently I work in Nerang, Queensland, which involves a fairly significant commute for me and the ability to work somewhere other than my office would be fantastic. Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work and the draconian security restrictions of my employer’s network its not really something I can easily do.

There is a small chance, however, that sometime in the future I’ll be working for someone that will enable me to cowork - even if its only part-time - or better yet, I’ll be working for myself. It’s the latter that I’m really excited about. If fact, if I am successful in starting my own business I have every intention of coworking. Or perhaps renting some office space and opening it up for others to use as a coworking space - there’s even an opportunity to turn that itself into a business.

Lately I’ve been quite seriously toying with the idea of renting some close-to-city office space and turning it into a coworking space as a for (small) profit exercise. There a few of these coworking operations currently running is Brisbane, but not many - especially compared to somewhere like San Francisco. Two notable locations are:

Both of these locations offer the ability to casually rent a desk for a day as well as better priced, more permanent desks. I think there are seriously good business opportunities in this space, and I’m seriously keen to get in on the action. Sadly, for me to do this alone, I am not quite financially gifted as yet - though I have quite number of good ideas that I think could make this successful.

So this is where I ask anyone who thinks they could also see the potential in this sort of thing to contact me, and if I’m lucky perhaps I can get coworking after all!

If you are actually interested, please contact me at chris@rednesstech.com