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Posted by Chris Fullelove on 12 September 2012

Lately I’ve been struggling with a bit of an obsession. I’ve mentioned previously (here) that I built an availability and roster system for the pizza shop I used to work for. Well, the project has slowly been digging its claws into me and I’ve been spending quite a deal of time on it. I’ve made a heap of improvements to the underlying architecture (it’s really stable and fast!), but also I’m starting to think a bit more commercially. Basically, I think the product is finally at the stage where I believe other businesses could use it - that is, in addition to the shop I used to work at ;-).

The application has always been referred to as “Redbook” because before it existed, we did actually use a red book to record when staff were and weren’t available. I’d been fighting against keeping the name for a while because I was afraid other’s wouldn’t get it. Recently, however, I changed my mind and decided to go with it. Hence, I submit to you - the product page for my web app. (It’s got a cool Web2.0 sounding name and everything! :-P)

The page is intended to be super simple and describe the product - what it does, how much it costs, etc. My sincere hope is that it will get some interest and I’ll be able to share with other people.

I believe that is really useful and that business owners and their staff, espically in the hospitality industry, will greatly benifit from using it. If you’re so inclined, I would appreciate any comments you have on the product or the page.