Working towards customer number 2

Posted by Chris Fullelove on 19 September 2012

Monday was an important day for and me. My first customer allowed me to throw the switch, transitioning his staff over to the the new site which they had been in testing for almost a month. Officially turning operational. Thankfully, all went quite well. Other than a few data syncing issues between the old and new database, staff started using the new site.

The reason this event was important to me was because I’ve been working on what is now known as for over a year. Slowly, slowly building it up to its current form. So for people to finally be using it in a production environment is very exciting! What I am also hoping is that it will provide a number of learnings - do people use it the way I expected? what things should I be improving? will there be a revolt?

In addition to all this, I’m ready to sign up customer number two. I want to share what I’ve built with more people and I want to learn how to make it better, quicker; this is something more customers will enable.

So how do I get more customers? Well I’ve started a few initiatives. The easiest things I could do was to start advertising online - so I’ve bought Google Ads on some keywords that I hope will bring interest. While this gets some traffic, I don’t think this is going to be the most effective way to get my second customer - no one has contacted me for a trial yet.
I think the best way to get another customer is (sadly for the introverted me) to go out and talk to managers and staff in the workplace. Other than the fact that I’ll be about 2 miles out of my comfort zone, working full time and doing these “sales” calls is going to be a challenge… so it looks like I’m going to be doing some weekend shop hopping!