Posted by Chris Fullelove on 18 March 2015

Rostability is a rebranding of Redbook - the staff availability and roster software I have been developing over the last 6 years - and represents my latest effort to market the product to a wider customer base.

The name “Rostability” is intended to be more unique and descriptive of what the product does. In addition to the name I have created a new logo.

Rostability Logo

With the new name and logo, the domain main was purchased and a brand new website developed. The new website is single page, modern and allows for subscribing to updates plus purchasing a subscription.

From a features perspective, Rostability now includes timesheets. This means that the full lifecycle of staff availability, roster and timesheet can be managed within the app. This also allows the product to provide more meaningful analytics for tracking planned vs actual spending and labour cost reduction. Timesheets are also able to be exported in a format that can easily be imported into typical small business account systems e.g. MYOB.

From here I will be focussing on leveraging the new branding and developing a marketing strategy that should bring in some new customers.

Any comments or feedback on Rostability, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter