Projects by a Distracted engineer

The following is a list of projects that I have worked on links to find out more. If you are interested in any of these, please engage with me on the respective platforms or on Twitter (@cfullelove)


Rostability is a cloud-based application that enables small business owners to manage staff availability, rosters and timesheets. It is marketed at the hospitality industry (e.g. Pizza Shops) was developed and used by myself while working as a manager at a Pizza Shop


The beginnings of a navtive Jasper Report XML (jrxml) rendering library in PHP. This is intended to allow for the use of simple Jasper reports within PHP applications but without having to use the Java based Jasper Reporting engine.

Find out more (Github)


This is a library I wrote as a native PHP implementation of the COAP protocol. COAP is like a really light-weight version of HTTP and is one of the up and coming protocols being use in the Internet of Things space.

Find out more (Github)

Ninjablock (PHP)

This is a port of one of the original Ninjablock clients to PHP. It is not particularly stable at this stage but does allow for connection to the NinjaCloud platform with higher perforamance than the REST api.

Find out more (Github)