is a new and simple way to build rosters and manage the availability of your staff. It’s light-weight, web-based and cloud hosted (so you don’t have to install anything!). frees you from the hassle of spreadsheets and paper rosters.


  • Simple roster interface
  • Manages staff availabilities
  • Mobile version for staff to get their shifts on the run
  • Email/SMS notifications
  • Shift swapping suggestions
  • Automaticall import shifts into any calander app (like iCalender or Outlook)
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How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $AU 15 / month for 1 store or site.

To get access to a free 2 month trial, click here

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What about support?

Support for you and your staff is available from within the web app. We use a service called Uservoice to respond to support tickets and field any comments or ideas (that are more than welcome ☺).


The name? Well it all started when I used to manage a small pizza shop where we used a red book to organise when staff would be available. It was clumsy and staff were forever forgetting to write in their availability. So I built a website to help me and that’s where came from!